Central | C01


Argus Building

Central | C02



Central | C03


Council House 2 - CH2

Central | C04



Central | C05


Escala Partners

Central | C06


Federation Square

Central | C07


Limelight Studios and Salvation Army Heritage Centre

Central | C08


Melbourne Central Unlocked Tours

Central | C09


Melbourne Town Hall and Offices

Central | C10


Myer Mural Hall

Central | C11


RMIT Building 80

Central | C12


RMIT Storey Hall

Central | C13


Russell Place Substation

Central | C14


State Library of Victoria

Central | C15


Scots' Church and Assembly Hall

Central | C16


The Koorie Heritage Trust at Fed Square

Central | C17


Gordon Place

Central | C18


Folk Architects, Nicholas Building

Central | C19


Crowd Productions & Shelley Roberts, Total House

Central | C20



Docklands | D01



Docklands | D02


Mission to Seafarers

Docklands | D03


NAB 700 Bourke

Docklands | D04


Port of Melbourne Boat Tours

Docklands | D05


Prima Tower

South | S12



Docklands | D06


Library at the Dock

Docklands | D07


Catholic Theological College

East | E01


East Melbourne Library and Community Centre

East | E02


East Melbourne Synagogue

East | E03


German Lutheran Church

East | E04


Hawthorn Tram Depot

East | E05


The Hotel Windsor

East | E06


The Johnston Collection, Fairhall House Museum

East | E07


Old Treasury Building

East | E08


Orica House

East | E09


Parliament House

East | E10


Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

East | E11


Royal Society of Victoria

East | E12


Tasma Terrace

East | E13


Albanian Mosque

North | N01


Cairo Flats

North | N02


La Mama

North | N03


Meat Market

North | N04


Clare Cousins Architects, Blackwood Street Bunker

North | N05


Northcote Hemp House

North | N06


Melbourne General Cemetery

North | N07


Public Record Office Victoria (PROV), Victorian Archives Centre

North | N08


RMIT Design Hub

North | N09


Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

North | N10


The University of Melbourne, Melbourne School of Design

North | N11


The University of Melbourne, Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

North | N12


The University of Melbourne, Wilson Hall

North | N13


The University of Melbourne, Grimwade Centre

North | N14


The University of Melbourne, Bio 21

North | N15


The University of Melbourne, LAB-14

North | N16


The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

North | N17


The Univeristy of Melbourne, Newman College

North | N18


The University of Melbourne, Ernie Cropley Sports Pavilion

North | N19


Australian Tapestry Workshop

Port Phillip | PP01


Edgewater Towers

Port Phillip | PP02


Eildon Mansion

Port Phillip | PP03


Esplanade Vaults

Port Phillip | PP04


South Melbourne Town Hall

Port Phillip | PP05


Portable Iron Houses

Port Phillip | PP06


Parish of the Parks - Albert Park Church

Port Phillip | PP07


Government House

South | S01


Melbourne Synagogue

South | S02


National Gallery of Victoria

South | S03


Royal Botanic Gardens - Plant Craft Cottage

South | S04


Shrine of Remembrance

South | S05


Victoria Police Mounted Branch

South | S06


Arts Centre Melbourne, Theatres Building

South | S07


Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall

South | S08


Arts Centre Melbourne, The Channel

South | S09


Southbank Tram Depot

South | S10


The University of Melbourne Boat House Extension

South | S11


Como House & Garden

Stonnington | ST01


Toorak House, Swedish Church

Stonnington | ST02


Umina - Country Women’s Association of Victoria

Stonnington | ST03


Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club

Stonnington | ST04


Central South Yarra

Stonnington | ST05


Hellenic Museum

West | W01


Australian Army Medical Corps

West | W02



West | W03


Substation 'J'

West | W04


Supreme Court of Victoria

West | W05


The Australian Club

West | W06


Circus Oz HQ

Yarra | Y01


Collingwood Masonic Centre

Yarra | Y02


Collingwood Town Hall

Yarra | Y03


The University of Melbourne, Green Roof Burnley Campus

Yarra | Y04