Woodlands Historic Homestead, home of the Living Legends

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Construction of Woodlands Historic Homestead commenced on site in 1842. Carpenters erected temporary buildings for the household staff while the homestead was being established. The family moved to Woodlands on 9th June 1843, and although the house was not finished it was quite liveable. The climate was much cooler than expected, so the house was lined with bricks under the weather boards and a fireplace was installed. Rolf Boldrewood (author of ‘Robbery Under Arms’) often visited Woodlands during the 1840s. He described it as, ‘the country house par excellence of the period. Neither a farm nor yet a large estate, it was something between the two, while the household and the menage generally were much more in accordance with the habitudes of the English country-house life than often obtains in Australia.’ The homestead underwent a California bungalow facelift in the 1920s when owned by Ben Chaffey. The homestead and associated outbuilding still retain many of the original features from this time. They also include original features from the middle 19th century along with the associated heritage gardens. Today, it is the home for Living Legends The International Home of Rest for Champion Horses.

Need to Know

  • Open: Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm

  • Heritage Listed: Yes

  • What's Open: All sections

  • Tour Type: Guided & self-guided

  • Tour Details: Self guided throughout the day. Guided tours at 11:00am, 12:00noon, 1:00pm and 2:00pm. 12 per tour

  • Building Type: Cultural

  • Facilities: Pram access, Toilets, Food and beverage available

  • Year Built: 1842

  • Tram Stops: No public transport available.


Woodlands Dve, Greenvale 3059, VIC


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