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Wednesday 25 May

Brutalist Block Party - New, New Brutalism: Architecture For the People

Emerging in the 1950s, New Brutalism offered affordable modern housing, improved community amenities, and an honesty of material after a period of architectural frivolity. We take a look at contemporary Melbourne projects that could be classified as the New, New Brutalism: projects that progress positive social agendas.


Sunday 29 May

Brutalist Block Party - Closing Celebration With Butter Sessions

Join us for a friendly afternoon of visual and sonic exploration presented by Melbourne record label Butter Sessions.


Friday 20 May

Brutalist Block Party - Hotel Hotel Presents: Brutti ma Buoni

Hotel Hotel has commissioned two new works. One for the eyes and one for the ears – a short film of Brutalist buildings, co-directed by Coco & Maximilian and U-P, and an accompanying sound piece by Speak Percussion that interprets them aurally. Together they work to observe and orchestrally arrange Brutalism.


Wednesday 18 May

Brutalist Block Party - Utopia/Dystopia: Brutalism in Film

Jonathan Meades states that “Brutalism is the decor of dystopian films, literature and comics, just as gothic is for horror. Books and films have of course impinged on the way brutalist buildings have been judged down the years, assisting in their condemnation.” Does Utopia even make a guest appearance?

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