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Beehive Building (Bendigo Mining Exchange)

Architect: Charles Webb, Williams Boag Architects

Similar in style to the Royal Arcade and by the same designer, Charles Webb. The original uses of the building include a hotel, a mining exchange, a restaurant, offices and function space. In the 1920s retail stores and a walkway were added downstairs, then in the 1950s the void space was filled in and closed over with lead light and other decorative features, with a lowered ceiling and false walls. The current development uncovers the rich layers of use by removing most if not all of 1950s work, retaining some of 1920s changes and revealing key features of the original building. Future changes have been proposed to encourage use of the first floor by linking to ground-floor uses of the larger casual dining space and other features.

Need to Know

  • Open: Sunday 28 October 10am–4pm

  • Heritage Listed: Yes

    Expect Queues: Yes

  • What's Open: The ground floor walkway only. Further restrictions may be in place due to building works.

  • Special Note: Construction site. Enclosed shoes advised.

  • Tour Type: Guided

  • Tour Details: Construction tour. Access will be limited to small groups assisted by guides.

  • Access: Able bodied access only

  • Building Type: Commercial

  • Year Built: 1872, 1929, 1950s, 2018

  • Photo Credit: Williams Boag Architects


24–26 Pall Mall, Bendigo 3550, Bendigo VIC


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