Waterfront: Deep Dive – Sea Urchin Snorkel Tour

The exploitation of marine resources is causing imbalances in the ecosystems. Many types of seafood and materials originating from the ocean are unsustainable. We must shift towards resources that do not harm, and can regenerate, the ecosystems; such as sea urchins and farmed seaweed.

Sea urchins thrive in the changing ocean with few predators and too many nutrients. They devour the seaweed habitats leaving behind underwater deserts. There are millions of sea urchins in Victoria alone, turning vast areas of a thriving marine ecosystem into urchin barrens. Can we turn this problem into a resource?

Join Dr. Pirjo Haikola of RMIT University on a snorkel tour of Port Phillip Bay for a deeper understanding of our underwater ecosystems.

Presented by Open House Melbourne, RMIT University and Dive2U Mobile Adventures for Waterfront – part of Melbourne Design Week 2020, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV. 

Important Details


Beaumaris Yacht Club - car park south

Time & Date

Event postponed until further notice.


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