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East Australian Rainforest Garden

Monash University | MU17

Monash Clayton is listed as a Nationally Significant Landscape by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. It comprises a predominantly Australian-native framework interspersed with specialist courtyards of mixed styles. The East Australian Rainforest Garden recreates the environment of a sub-tropical rainforest and promises visitors a refuge from the bustle of the university, and relief on a hot summer’s day. Located along Rainforest Walk at the western end of the Forum, it features a weave of pathways and footbridges, as well as a number of trees and plants from the South Eastern parts of Australia. Notable examples of Bunya Pines (Araucaria bidwillii), Wollemi Pines (Wollemi nobilis), and Moreton Bay Chestnuts (Castanospermum australe) frame a formal timber boardwalk and smaller informal pathways. The design approach builds on the aims of the original Bates Smart McCutcheon Masterplan for the campus, to showcase Australian native flora. The rainforest adds to ideological tensions throughout Monash University’s establishment, played out in choices between exotic, Australian native and indigenous planting; and contributes to the notion of the campus itself as a laboratory of design approaches.

Need to Know

  • Open: Thursday 1 January 10am-4pm

  • Photography Restricted: Yes

  • What's Open: All parts

  • Tour Type: MU17

  • Access: Pram accessible, Fully accessible

  • Facilities: Toilets

  • Transport: Clayton campus can be reached via Bus routes 630 and 900 from Huntingdale Station, routes 733, 742, 800, 804, 862 and 900 from Oakleigh Station, as well as routes 631, 691, 703 and 737. A free shuttle service will run between Monash Caulfield and Clayton, and Clayton and Peninsula campuses. Free parking available.

  • Photo Credit: Monash University


Rainforest Walk, Clayton, Monash University Clayton Campus, VIC


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