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German Lutheran Trinity Church

Architect: Charles Blachmann

City of Melbourne | C13

The German Lutheran Trinity Church was inspired by the Gothic Revival movement. Built of bluestone and positioned in the traditional Christian architectural east-west direction, the church consists of a nave lit by clerestory windows, an aisle on each side, a chancel/sanctuary at the eastern and a choir/organ loft at the western end. The ceiling is wood panelled throughout and resembles the hull of a ship turned upside down. The nave is flanked by columns with flower capitals. The timber used for the interior joinery and fittings is cedar and blackwood. The church hall was part of the first church building from 1854. The magnificent stained glass windows, all made in Melbourne, date from 1874 until modern times, such as the Jubilee window created in 2003. The large centre window in the sanctuary with its highly visible middle section and the Star of David symbolises the Covenant of the Old and New Testaments. The altar stands in the middle of the chancel/sanctuary, forming half a decagon (a ten-sided shape), which represents a very early Christian tradition. The pulpit on the left is made of cedar wood. Its panels are decorated with floral emblems.

Need to Know

  • Open: Thursday 1 January 10am-4pm & Thursday 1 January 12pm-4pm

  • Heritage Listed: Yes

  • What's Open: All parts of the building

  • Special Note: church hall steps – no wheel chairs

  • Tour Type: C13

  • Access: Pram accessible, Fully accessible

  • Building Type: Place of Worship

  • Facilities: Toilets, Food and beverage available

  • Special Programming: Handmade craft sales and coffee available

  • Year Built: 1874

  • Transport: Stop 11: Macarthur St/Albert St on routes 11, 12 and 109


22 Parliament Place, East Melbourne 3002, VIC


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