The Research Question

We know that people benefit from doing the things they love, but does this include participating in city life?

How do public events like the Open House Melbourne Weekend benefit attendees and their community?

Open House Melbourne has partnered with researchers at the University of Melbourne, led by Dr Ryan Perry at the Faculty of Business and Economics, who will investigate the impact of our events on attendees and the broader community.

It is proposed that strong and positive opportunities for civic engagement – through public events like Open House – will confer positive effects on both wellbeing and social attitudes about the broader community and the city.


Project Design

This year, the research involves two phases – during, and after the Open House Weekend. Those who complete each survey will be entered into a draw to win a $500 Coles Group & Myer Voucher (one draw per survey, with three draws in total).

You will be sent an invitation to complete the after surveys online in the Open House Melbourne Newsletter.

You may also be approached by one of our research assistants and asked to complete a short questionnaire if you’re joining us at the weekend. Remember, participation in any of these surveys is completely voluntary.

The researchers aim to scale up the project over the next three years, and across other events run by Open House, to examine changes and stability in wellbeing and social attitudes over a long time-frame.


27-28 July 2019

On-site Weekend two side one-page attendee survey conducted

2-19 August 2019

Post-event online survey open

9 August 2019

On-site Survey winner announced – $500 Coles Group & Myer Voucher

26 August 2019

Post-event Survey winner announced – $500 Coles Group & Myer Voucher

2020 – 2021
Phase 1-2: Full-scale annual online and on-site surveys

The Details


Findings will provide a robust demonstration of the positive impact of cultural events on both wellbeing and social attitudes through citizen engagement with their city and the built environment.

The research program can be generalised to assess the impact of other cultural events and festivals, and will inform intervention efforts to improve the positive impact of these events.




Research Team

Project coordinators:

Dr Ryan Perry & Prof Liliana Bove, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne


Dr Simon Laham & Dr Peter Koval, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne

Dr Robin Canniford, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne

Prof Daniel Johnson, Queensland University of Technology