Pre-Booked Tours

All pre-booked tours will be available through our dedicated ticketing page

Click here to go to booking page

To ensure you’re ready to book your tours before 8:30am Friday you should:

  1. Not come to the Open House website – traffic will be high, so you may have load-time issues and could miss out on tickets.
  2. Create a Universe account and be logged into your Universe account before 8:30am. This cuts down the amount of information that you need to manually fill in by at least half.
  3. Bookmark and/or have open the ticket pages for each tour you want to book.
  4. Have your credit card ready, and ideally have it copied to your clipboard so you can paste it straight into the web form

First-to-pay: Our booking system is ‘first-to-pay’, meaning your bookings aren’t secured until your payment has been made. If you start the checkout process, but the tour books out before you pay, it’s because someone completed their payment ahead of you.

Bookings for all pre-booked tours are only available through the Open House Melbourne Universe page.

Second-release tickets: 8.30am Friday 20 July

Please also remember that there are over 150 Open Access buildings that do not require any bookings – so much to see!

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