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Collingwood Yards

Percy Everett

Architect: Percy Everett 1938, Fieldwork 2020

Situated across the former Collingwood Technical School campus, Collingwood Yards spans over 6500sqm. The site consists of three buildings and a leafy central courtyard and is located in one of Australia’s most diverse, rapidly transforming and dense inner city neighbourhoods.

Collingwood Yards has reimagined the former Collingwood Technical School between Johnston and Perry Street as a new cultural precinct and a long term home for artists and creative communities. Across three buildings and 6,500sq metres the historic site has been reinvented as affordable, fit-for-purpose, open and connected spaces tenanted by artists, arts organisations, hospitality and retail. A virtual tour allows you to explore the historic hallways, meet the current tenants, discover the 20th century history of the site through archival documentation and immerse yourself in an incredible site specific street art exhibition. Introduced in a live panel session with principal architect Joachim Holland (Fieldwork) and the team that realised the vision.

Photos: 1 – Samara Clifford, 2 – Collections Victoria, 3 – Peter Clarke




Change in Condition

Presented by centre for Projection Art at Collingwood Yards

Change in Condition is a filmed version of artist Jane Crappsley’s work, developed in residence at the Centre for Projection Art, based at Collingwood Yards. Audience’s will be able to view a video of the projections in the newly finished courtyard of Collingwood Yards, and listen to the artist in conversation with the director of co-located organisations Bus Projects and Composite, Channon Goodwin.  Change in Condition is a work that uses drawing, animation and projection to experiment with the interpretation and translation of sound data and drawings, derived from an investigation of Collingwood Yards during the Centre for Projection Art Summer Residency.

Catch Cahnnon Goodwin, director of Bus Projects and Composite (both resident organisations at Collingwood Yards) with Centre for Project Arts artist-in-residence Jane Crappsley on Bus Radio.


Photos: 1 – 3 Lisa White, 4 – 6 Jane Crappsley



Explore videos podcasts and embedded history points throughout the tour.


Photos: Tom Ross


Photos: 4 – Samara Clifford, 5 – Tom Ross, 6 – Collections Victoria, 7 – CAP Ltd

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